Modernism started taking over romanticism while concerned with the view of self. But now the postmodernist view comes into play, not trying to redefine the self, but trying to destroy it. The concept of social saturation allows for the fully saturated self to become no self at all.
The expansion of human interaction through communication technology has started to destroy small face to face communities. The sheer number of human interactions on a daily basis has increased exponentially.
Because of the spread of different influences a person can be more than just one idea of a person. They could even be two seemingly contradictory people all in one. People take what they know and apply it to different situations, and end up mimicking what they have seen rather than actually having a personality.
Multiphrenia pulls you into multiple directions, with a multiplicity of self investments. The three parts of multiphrenia are:1. vertigo of the valued, where everything you value, whether an idea or relationship, puts constraints on what else you can do. You have only so much to invest. 2. Expansion of inadequacy, where all your different values fight for realization, either not allowing you to achieve any goals or ruining the satisfaction gained when you do reach a goal. 3. rationality in recession, where your multiple selves can start to disagree with each other, making your normally rational decision irrational. This creates a gray area in rationality.
The individual self cannot exist in a society like this.
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  1. The romanticist view of the self is under attack from the modernist view of the self
  2. The saturation of the self is destroying both views of the self. A fully saturated self becomes no self at all
  3. This is considered a postmodernism view and does not identify a new view of the self, but destroys the idea of a self.
  4. A century ago relationships were very local
  5. Now small face to face communities are disappearing.
  6. New technology has increased relationships on every level, reaching up to social saturation
  7. Today we may encounter the same number of people in 2 hours compared to a month a century ago
  8. People can now be one thing and do something completely contradictory to what that thing may stand for
  9. These experiences may signal a populating of the self, starting the decay of non-postmodern self views
  10. Knowing what: informational knowledge. We know more information about things we don't actually need to know about.
  11. Knowing how: placement of the knowledge. We learn to use this information in a useful way.
  12. Our 'self' becomes an imitation of others in different situations.
  13. A free day becomes a chaos of competing opportunities and necessities
  14. Multiphrenia: the splitting of the individual into a multiplicity of self-investments
  15. There are three aspects of multiphrenia
  16. First: Vertigo of the valued: penalty of being: each desire places demands and reduces your liberties
  17. Penalty of being with: relationships require investment, you can only invest so much
  18. Technology has increased the number of people we can or must contact, especially in a work environment. Hundreds of new organizations or institutions have been created due to this as well.
  19. Second: Expansion of Inadequacy: Fulfilling your goals allows you to feel good about yourself
  20. Social Saturation expands your values and goals based on relationships with others
  21. Media also bombards you with an unending list of values and goals
  22. All of these values fight for attention and do not allow you to reach fulfillment on completing any other goal
  23. Third: Rationality in Recession: People try to be reasonable, but your identity has to remain static for this rationality to remain static
  24. There is always somebody who views your rational decision as non-rational
  25. As we populate the self, your other selves may be the ones who view your rational decision as non-rational. Making rationality a gray area.
  26. Newly emerging technologies allow for the saturation of self and the postmodernist destruction of the self
  27. The individual self image disappears and consciousness of the construction of the saturated self becomes focal
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1-3. The modernist view of the self is taking over the romanticist view, but the postmodern view is destroying both. Unlike the modernist view, the postmodern view does not redefine self, it destroys it. Through social saturation we find that a fully saturated self becomes no self at all.
4-7. Relationships used to be immediately local and face to face in nature. But because of communication technology small face to face communities are disappearing. You will encounter a far larger quantity of people during your every day life than somebody 100 years ago would in a month.
8-12. People are no longer bound by one idea of themselves, they can be any number of identities. As a person populates themselves their non-postmodern view of self starts decaying. Knowing what, informational knowledge from a wider variety of sources, including things that we really have no use for knowing. Knowing how, applying the what in a useful way. We populate ourselves and become imitations of others in different situations.
13-15. This multitude of selves becomes a battle of self-investments. Called multiphrenia, there are three main parts to it; vertigo of the valued, expansion of inadequacy, and rationality in recession.
16-18. Vertigo of the valued, penalties of being and being with. Being, each thing you desire to be takes away time and energy, thus reducing your overall liberties. Being with almost the same, but with relationships. You can only invest so much into relationships, whether its a little to a lot of people or a lot to a little amount of people. Technology has increased the number of people we can and must contact for simple tasks, and broadened the range, geographically.
19-22. Expansion of inadequacy, generally, fulfilling a goal creates a sense of pride and self worth. But when you populate yourself these goals compete with each other, and even if you complete one, another was ignored, potentially erasing any sense of fulfillment you may have received.
23-25. Rationality in recession, it has always been a fact that two people in entirely different situations may not think the same decision is rational. But now, since you can basically be two totally different people in different situations, you may fight with yourself over what is rational at a specific time. Rationality becomes a gray area, and changes based on situations you are in.
26-27. Population of the self and multiphrenia, due to technology, are destroying the individual self.

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