My life in terms of Gergen:
My brother went off to college in Washington D.C. and I joined the military, ending up in California. I worked long hours, and with the time difference, I rarely spoke with my family. Immersed in a new community, I met people from around the world, and I started my journey away from my primary group. Different people started influencing my behavior, new morals and values introduced to, and sometimes forced on, me. As a member of the military I followed the rules set before me, regardless of what I thought of them. My way of thinking started to change, and I came out of the military a different person than when I went in.

  • Analysis of My Current Life:
    • Wake up to alarm on my cell phone
    • Take a shower, using soap from (location)
    • Eat breakfast, cereal packaged in (location) read back of cereal box
    • Drive to class, in a car from a Korean company, gas from someplace, probably middle east
    • Listen to music from around the world
    • Learn calculus, 1,000's of years of development, from a teacher that was raised in China
    • Go home, read news online, do homework, facebook, text, wife
  • Analysis of My Current Life in Respect to My Primary Group
    • Talk to my mom and brother once a month
    • Talk to my dad even less frequently
    • Talk to my sister a couple times a week, facebook
    • Spend most of my time at work/school
    • Home time is spent on homework, remaining time with Jem
    • No longer in contact with any childhood playmates save a couple
    • Face to face time with mom, sister and brother about a weekend every two months
    • Face to face with dad a day out of every six months